My mom is like most moms ÔÇô she would do anything for me and my sister. But there are also a lot of things, that make her incredible. First of all, she raised my sister and me as a single mother, because my parents got devorced when I was 6 years old. It took a lot of courage, patience and understanding. After all, raising two wild girls is quite a challenge. I can say I couldn’t be more proud and grateful for everything she did for us.
And than there is this other thing. I got injured really badly when I was 17. Calling her on the phone to tell her that was one of the hardest things ever. My heart was allready broken (as my knee) and it hurted eaven more to break hers with bad news as well. Standing by my side through all the pain and struggles I had back than was her main concern. When I was little she always tried to explan to me that I will get injured, ‘have a big ass’ and a lot of other bad stuff if I will be a profesional skier. After she realized I don’t care about it and I just want to ski, she supported me in every possible way. Putting me first she decided to help me get back on skiing track as my coach. When I started skiing after surgery it was middle of winter, with no one from the national team around. Including coaches, not bothering to call and ask how it’s going. This is when our mother ÔÇô daughter relationship grew in something much much bigger. She was my coach, my technitian, my biggest supporter. We started to fight this difficult way back to the profesional alpine skiing together. After I recovered from my injury she stayed with me. I needed different approach to training, which federation could not provide. For a long time (four years, to be exact) she was doing so many things, just to make it the best possible for me. She was a real ‘multipraktik’ –┬á preparing my skis, watching video analasys, helping on physical training.. all the things, teams usually employ three or four people for. I could see her struggling as well. She was really giving it all. Sometimes it made me feel bad, because I could see her beeing really tired and I was not able to give much back. I was getting better and better in skiing, but still I knew she has a lot more on her back. Who is going to pay the bills at home? How are we going to survive? She left her bussines of making wooden playgrounds for kids so she could help me do what’s best for me in skiing. Almost two years ago (end of season 2014-15) I decided we can’t work like this any more. I will need her later on in my life as well and I don’t want her completly burned out. So I decided to make a big step forward to help her and to raise my profesionall career on a higher level. I created my own team, hierd my own coach. The truth was : if I want to be competitive, I need to do something more. Well, there was allready a big group of people helping me at home, but none of them couldn’t travel around with us. A big burden fell of my mom’s shoulders. It also felt better for me because I knew she has one less thing (a BIG thing) to be worried about. It took some time that my team, which now includes kinesiotherapist as well, to start cooperating the way we do now.
My breakthrought this season could not be possible withouth my mom. She is still preparing my skis and they are the fastest skis on the planet. After my first world cup win in Lake Louise I could not believe how far we have come. In the finish we were crying our faces off, letting all the emotions out. How much we acchived. How much we’ve grown. And it was just the begining. Now everyone knows what I am capable of. But she knew looooooong before that. That’s why she was always there for me, supported me. And I couldn’t be more greatfull and proud to have this amazing woman around every day and to share all this great things with her. With my super mom. I love you.